Social media pages

Facebook and Google Plus pages for the wiki are available and you can like and follow them for stills from the show and site updates. Twitter page coming soon.

Widgets for the pages are up on the home page, but links are available here.

Previous updates

Also, since I didn't write this into a blog post, here are the previous updates, posted 2 May 2014.

A lot of changes

  1. Michaeltitanic's wiki has been successfully merged. Thanks Wikia staff!
  1. We grew from 4 main sections to 7, so I sadly can't fit it in the slider, and I had to remove it. I hope someone can design a replacement grid to take its place.
  1. I learned from other wikis and have added placeholders for new homepage sections. I will create social media pages later on.
  1. Want to donate a new design? Or a new category and/or category grid? Or some other kind of design? Contact me at my talk page!