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Well, we got Squid Finger Surprise, Squid Finger Surprise oh... let me check, Squid Finger Surprise!

–Ma Ducky, Episode:Truces and Consequences

Ma Ducky
Ma Ducky
Ma Ducky (official photo)
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown (adult)
Status Unknown
Appeared in episode(s) (Key character)
Book and/or show character? Unknown
Likes and dislikes
Loves Her own cooking
Likes Her 3 kids

Her priceless collection of porcelain goatlings[1]

Dislikes Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Voiced by Drew Forsythe
Wiki-specific information
Dialogue name Ma Ducky
Young Ma Ducky screenshot

Young Ma Ducky (from a flashback in Episode:Mackerel Mates)

Ma Ducky(known by V.P. Stern as Rose) is a mother of 3 and is also the Inner City School's lunch lady, librarian[2], nurse[3] and discipline master. She also likes to collect porcelain goatlings in her office. Her hair is white with a hint of blue; it was originally a pale blue.


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